Master thesis

Ongoing work in the lab (2017-2018)

  • 4 new master thesis students will start in September 2017.


  • Axelsson, Arvid: Using Multispectral ALS for Tree Species Identification. Advisors: Eva Lindberg and Johan Holmgren, SLU
  • Benjaminsson, Simon: Effectively creating forest inventory using high resolution UAV images. Advisors: Jörgen Wallerman, Jonas Bohlin, Mattias Nyström, SLU and Johan Malmqvist, Södra skogsägarna
  • Jakobsson, Oscar: Using drones for fast and accurate feedback to Forest management planning (Metod för Norra Skogsägarnas kontrolltaxering med hjälp av drönare). Advisors: Jonas Bohlin, Jörgen Wallerman and Mattias Nyström, SLU
  • Larsson, Helene: Classification of ground lichen using Sentinel 2 and airborne laser data. Advisors: Heather Reese, Henrik Hedenås and Per Sandström, SLU
  • Tjernqvist, Mattias: Backpack-based inertial navigation and LiDAR mapping in forest environments. Advisors: Johan Holmgren and Kenneth Olofsson, SLU



Design Build Test

Student summer projects

  • Summer project 2016. Three students from the engineering physics program at Umeå University did a project course during the summer and built a “device” for automatic photographing for TLS. Read more.