Point clouds in virtual reality

This instructions goes through step by step how to create a virtual reality of your 3D point cloud. The amount of points is limited and we are still not sure about the limit. We have tried 10-20 million points and that works fine.

  1. Make sure your las-file is in LAS 1.4 format. You can use the free las2las tool to convert otherwise. Use the following command:
    las2las -set_version 1.4 -i inputfile.las -o outputfile.las
  2. Copy your file to this folder:
  3. Open Unity…
  4. Open the project “abcd”.
  5. Click “Windows” –> “Point cloud tools” –> “Convert file to bin..??”
  6. Instructions how to fill in and press convert… Where to store the file. Name the file “pointcloud.bin”.
  7. There is a pre-built project in this folder:
  8. Copy the above pre-built project to a new folder. Replace the file “pointcloud.bin” with your file.
  9. You can now run the file “pointcloudgeneral.exe”. The HTC Vive starts automatically when you load the file (How to start up the HTC Vive system in the lab –LINK TO A DESCRIPTION–).