The first seminar in the lab

On October 8, 14:30, the first seminar will be held in Ljungbergslaboratoriet. We’re sorry to announce that the seminar that should be given by Jonas Jonzén is postponed, but Mattias Nyström will instead give a presentation about “Data assimilation in forestry using laser data from 2003-2011”. All students are welcome and if there is room, others are welcome too.

Every Thursday during the autumn, Ljungbergslaboratoriet will host a seminar. The seminars will cover research topics in remote sensing and/or short introductions to tools used in remote sensing, for example lasTools and FME. The seminars are aimed for the students, but others are welcome if there is room.

Ljungbergslaboratoriet is located on the first floor with windows facing Campus. Contact: Mattias Nyström, phone +46 90 7868316