The lab will offer several seminars together with the Forest Data Lab. We will give a mix of seminars where some are focused on current research subjects and some are more hands-on use of softwares or programming languages. If you have additional suggestions for topics others than listed below, please contact Mattias Nyström.

Previous seminars

Jun 9, 2017Backpack-based inertial navigation and LiDAR mapping in forest environments (video)Mattias Tjernqvist
Jun 8, 2017LiDAR and archaeology: the importance of ground point classification (video)Gudrun Norstedt
Jun 1, 2017Kontrolltaxering med stöd av drönare hos Norra SkogsägarnaOscar Jakobsson
Feb 23, 2017A way to disseminate open data and communicate with new user groups?William Lidberg
Feb 15, 2017Hur många dimensioner har en punkt? - och hur påverkar det diameterskattningar från laserskanning?Mona Forsman
Jan 25, 2017Nya verktyg gör det lättare att använda öppen statistik från RiksskogstaxeringenNeil Cory
Jan 19, 2017Klassificering av marktäcke från multispektrala laserdata – går det att få information om marken från laserdata med flera färger?Eva Lindberg
Dec 8, 2016Erfarenheter från GPS-mätning i skog med cm-upplösningThomas Hörnlund
Dec 1, 2016Anpassade verktyg för beräkning av Skogliga grunddataPeder Axensten
Nov 24, 2016Terresterial Laser Scanning: Can we see the wood for the trees?Kenneth Olofsson
Nov 17, 2016Field tests with mobile laser scannersJohan Holmgren
Nov 10, 2016Development of a mobile laser scanning backpack for forestryDBT-students from UmU
Nov 3, 2016Forest in Virtual RealityMattias Nyström, Mikael Hertz
Oct 27, 2016Can a TanDEM-X radar mosaic replace "Skogliga grunddata"?Henrik Persson
Oct 20, 2016Drone images at the Remningstorp super test siteMattias Nyström and Jonas Bohlin
Jun 30, 2016Milutin from TU Vienna presents his ongoing researchMilutin Milenkovic
Jun 30, 2016Canopy Transmittance and Surface Roughness Estimated from Photogrammetric Point Clouds - Part 2Milutin Milenkovic, TU Vienna
Jun 23, 2016Canopy Transmittance and Surface Roughness Estimated from Photogrammetric Point Clouds - Part 1Milutin Milenkovic, TU Vienna
Jun 16, 2016Summary of the UASForum drone conferenceMattias Nyström
Jun 9, 2016Summary of meeting with forest companies in SwedenJonas Bohlin
May 25, 2016Use of drones to create a forest management plansMattias Nyström / Jonas Bohlin
Apr 21, 2016Topographic correction with the new 2m DEMHeather Reese
Apr 14, 2016Terrestrial Laser Scanning for forestryKenneth Olofsson
Mar 17, 2016Construction of artificial forestSebastian Schnell
Mar 10, 2016Quick Terrain Modeler - A software for visual inspection and analysis of point cloudsMattias Nyström
Feb 18, 2016Forest remote sensing in Sweden from 1930 to todayHåkan Olsson
Feb 4, 2016Use of photogrammetric point cloud data together with field data from National Forest Inventory: possibilities and weaknessesMats Nilsson and Inka Bohlin
Jan 28, 2016Remote sensing - Today and in the future at SCA forestAnna Bylund, SCA
Jan 21, 2016Videofusion and gimbal-scan-mode. Six students from Umeå University present their DBT-project done with the UAV in the LjungbergslaboratoryDaniel Lindmark, et al.
Dec 17, 2015Summary of the conference "UAS 2015"Karl Forsman, Edward Sjödin
Dec 3, 2015Pantanal - the world's largest flooded area - from an adventure racer's point of viewMattias Nyström
Nov 19, 2015QGIS, A Free and Open Source Geographic Information SystemMats Högström
Nov 5, 2015Updating the National Forest Attribute Map using stereo matching of aerial images, the national terrain model and data from the National Forest Inventory?Jonas Bohlin
Oct 29, 2015A nationwide forest attribute map of Sweden derived using airborne laser scanning data and field data from the national forest inventoryJonas Jonzén
Oct 22, 2015Estimation of tree stem attributes using ground based and airborne laser scanningJohan Holmgren
Oct 15, 2015Individual tree properties from ALS data as input to habitat analysis in boreal forestEva Lindberg
Oct 8, 2015Data assimilation in forest inventory: First empirical results using ALS-dataMattias Nyström