Virtual Reality

We are developing a tool for viewing point-clouds and vector data in Virtual Reality. We have chosen to use the HTC-Vive and Unity for our development. Here is the plan for the development (in Swedish):

Our goal is to be finished in the autumn 2019. The blue dots is a priority where 1 is the highest priority.


Here is a short video from a Ljungbergseminar where Henrik tries out the HTC Vive (Virtual Reality). We have converted a point cloud created from drone images to the virtual reality environment. On the screen in the background you can see what Henrik sees in the headset. In the headset, you see it all in 3D as well.

Oscar, one of the master thesis students, walks around in a 3D point cloud from a forest scanned with our Trimble TX8 laser scanner.
This is what you see in the VR headset.

Compiled demos

In the beginning of 2018 we will upload a few compiled projects so you can try out our VR-tool at home.