Parrot Sequoia

Parrot Sequoia is a small and light weight (72 g) multispectral camera made for drones. The camera has a synchronus global shutter with four spectral bands:

  • Green (550 nm)
  • Red (660 nm)
  • Red edge (735 nm)
  • Near infrared (790 nm)

The camera also has an irradiance sensor (36 g) that can be mounted on top of the drone to measure the ambient light. The sensor also includes a GPS and IMU module and a SD-card slot.

We have mostly used the camera mounted on our 3DR Solo drone (mounting instruction).

3DR Solo drone. Under the drone is the Parrot Sequoia camera and on top is the irradiance sensor.

Here is an example of an ortophoto over a forested area close to a road and power-line in Remningstorp:

The spectral calibration plate for the lab looks like this. Use the information about the reflectance when postprocessing in for example Agisoft Metashape Pro or Pix4D.