Laser scanning at GE Garage

Tomorrow morning, Friday Oct 8, Mattias will give a presentation about large scale laser scanning at the breakfast meeting at Sliperiet, Umeå. More specifically, Mattias will show airborne laser scanning (ALS) and terresterial laser scanning (TLS) and how this information can be used for forestry. More information about GE Garage in Umeå can be found here and also the registration for the event:

Here is short summary about the event:

Scanning technology is an important tool in the digital borderland. Development in scanning technology is fast moving. The different application areas are numerous – the technology can facilitate the design process, re-engineering and verification. In addition there are, for example, applications to collect data in order to create digital archives.

Within this seminar we will take a closer look at scanning and try to give you an overview, from precision scanning on small objects to big area scanning. There will also be examples on how to use scan data as a base for further calculations.

Listen and take note of what is possible today and what will be possible in the future.


  • Kristofer Axelsson, Maskin och laserteknik AB
  • Jonas Sjöberg, Adopticum
  • Mattias Nyström, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences

Friday, October 9
07:30 – 09:15 (including breakfast)

Location: Sliperiet/Coffee Space
Language: English